The Writer’s Life

CaponeIt’s a strange and unusual thing to willingly label yourself as a writer at times. What do writer’s DO exactly? Well aside from the obvious, which for those not “in the know” is to put words on paper. But anyone can put words on a paper and call it writing…since technically that’s what it is.

But what about those who write because they have all these “words” floating around in their brain like recycled air creating a fog of thought bubbles that without the release of sending those words and thoughts out into the world by writing them down creates headaches and depression and cloudy thinking?

I’m one of ‘those’ kinds of writers. But I haven’t been sending my words out into the world or even writing them down on paper or even talking about them to much of anyone. I’m not sure why. I’m not even sure why I’m writing now. Perhaps the words just have to get out? Not really sure but here I am.
And now I’m distracted by a rather very good episode of Supernatural. Not certain I’ll be able to finish this now, although since I’m not sure where I was going with this particular post I guess that’s not such a bad thing.

But here’s something I’d like to leave you to ponder in your own sweet time and way…. do you ever happen upon an old piece of writing and read it as though it were written by someone else and then when you finish you realize, that “I wrote that”?

I do that a lot actually. I’ll come across something I wrote or designed years before and when I finish I am almost always struck by how powerful my own writing really is. I end up connected and immersing myself in the words and the story being told so fully that I forget that I was the writer of this fascinating insight or story and not someone else. I find this a very interesting thing. It makes me wonder why I don’t write more often or write more lengthy pieces or even set myself a better task such as a book or novel or even a non-fiction piece on some topic that grips my passions or fires me up or gets my thoughts churning so much that I just have to put words to paper… or in this case letters on a blog and create something where before there was nothing.