A New Blog Site

gaz4I’m having some difficulties at the moment. I would really like to create a new blog using a different hosting site, but picking the format and theme is so very time consuming that I don’t know where to start.

I considered importing what I’ve written here to begin my ‘other’ blog site with content, but being me I also feel that a new name for my blog would be in order. I don’t know where to start with either a new name for a new blog nor what kind of title would adequately describe what I want to write about.
I have so many interesting things I really want to share with others yet have no idea where to start. My interests are so varied and numerous that sometimes I wonder how I manage to remember every day what my current passion has become.

Then there are all my numerous ‘life experiences’ and that’s saying a lot considering that I’ve had more than my share of experiences involving major transitions and events over a very short period of time for someone who hasn’t yet seen the big 5-0.

So where do you start? In writing guides I’ve perused over the years they always say something like ‘start wherever you are.’ But in my particular case, where I am isn’t as interesting as where I’ve been and I find that I prefer writing about what I’ve already lived through, since that shows that since I’m still here, anything can be survivable.