Writer as Artist

A writer is a rather strange form of artist. They have a unique way of talking themselves out of producing a “piece of art” when it comes to actually sitting down to put together an article, story or essay. I have heard them all, mostly because I’ve said them all as an endless inner self-litany of why I can’t or shouldn’t write…whatever it happens to be.

About a week ago another ‘writer’ reminded me of all the ways and all the words writers use when they attempt to explain why they don’t write or why they aren’t writing right now. The best one I’ve heard and said to myself over the years is the one that leads you, (and if you’re in a conversation), hopefully others, to believe that it’s a very valid reason for why you don’t write. It’s the one your ego loves to use, to make it seem as though you aren’t qualified enough or smart enough or talented enough to write anything. It goes something like this…. I don’t feel qualified enough to write, everything I want to write about has been said before and I’m not a ‘good enough’ writer to make what I have to say sound important or compelling enough, so that someone else would want to waste their time reading it.

I can honestly say that this excuse is a very strong and logical arguement that works for a very, very long time if you allow it to. However, I have some bad news about this whole lie that your ego tries to convince you is fact. The reason this excuse works so well is that it does hold an element of truth. Many things that you want to write about has been said before and most likely has been said many, many times before by many different authors. This is only a small pitfall though, since of all those authors who may or may not have said what you want to write about it did so from their personal perspective and their personal point of view. That being said, you must remember that only you have your perspective since you are the only one living from your point of view. No one else sees and experiences the world the same way you do. No one else has your particular interests or passions because all those things are what make you… YOU.

A prime example of a topic being overdone would be the ones written about the Law of Attraction or the Secret. They are all writing about the same topic, but they are also all being written by many different authors with very diverse perspectives. Their essential messages are all the same, yet they are being delivered by a different voice by someone sho has their own ideas on hhow to present the same issue. And there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, this is a very good thing because someone who reads The Secret will completely and entirely get what the author is trying to share with the reader and yet a second person will read the same book and wonder what the big deal is. Why? Because that author isn’t speaking a ‘language’ the second reader understands…it’s a completely different wavelength.

So the next time you want to share your reasons with yourself or others as to why you can’t write, remember this: That only you can tell a story from your personal perspective and if the message you’re sharing is important or relevant to someone, that message will be received by the audience that needs to hear it. But if you don’t write it down the only person you’re sharing it with is you and what fun is that?