Rebirth and Renewal

Sun HeartI thought I should make mention of the reasoning behind my blog site title. It took quite a while to arrive at it even though it seems so simple. My life has been made up of many life changing events, choices and decisions and after each one I was presented with the challenge of re-inventing myself and re-defining myself into someone I could recognize.

Many people are faced with change on a daily basis. Some make simple changes like working for a new employer in their chosen field, updating their wardrobe, changing their diet or simply getting a new haircut or style. I don’t believe that there are a large percentage of the population that experience numerous radical changes to their personal or professional life over a short period of time. Of course I could always be wrong on that count, but something tells me that the likelihood of that is quite slim.

My reasoning behind this conclusion goes back to the first time I ever considered getting life insurance and had a representative come to my home to discuss the various options regarding death, disposal and the types of service options available to me. While speaking with her about my options, she was struck by my answers and made the comment that she had never before  met with a client as young as myself who knew the difference between a memorial service vs. a funeral, as well as all the other considerations involved in planning for my own death. From her perspective, she explained that she had not yet met with a client my age who had even thought about making plans for after my demise.

I remember telling her about all the funerals I had already attended, who these deceased people were and at what age I was when I attended my first service. It was one of my aunts and I was 18,  although I did have an uncle that had passed away the year before whose service I was unable to attend. After that, it was as though they all wanted to go at the same time and there 3 more in the next year. After my grandma passed when I was just 20 I think I began to forget or take note of who, what and when. All I know for certain is that there are a lot of relatives I had when I was still 17, who 20 years later are now gone, including my dad in 2009 and his mom in 2011.

Aside from losing relatives to death, I’ve started and stopped numerous jobs, moved several times, attended 3 separate colleges, had a baby, got divorced, filed bankruptcy and been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue. How’s that for the first two decades of adult life? So in my opinion I feel that the story of the Phoenix who dies in a burst of flames, only to be reborn again from the ashes is the perfect name for a blog by me.