Writer’s Write….Sometimes

I must be bored. It’s the only thing that comes to mind to explain why I’m feeling so compelled to keep writing. I mentioned earlier that I struggle with being succinct, but I don’t believe that is the real trouble. I think the real trouble stems from the fact that as a writer, writer’s write and I haven’t written anything much more than the occasional tweet in many, many years.

Sure I’ve written blog posts and content here and there. Posted the occasional rant or comment on Facebook or made my interests or thoughts known in conversation or shared images of interest on Pinterest. But all that is just avoidance of who I am at the heart of everything that is me. I am a writer. I should be writing on a regular basis. Even if that means short blog posts or excerpts of fiction or commenting on current events that interest me.

I am opinionated. I have ideas all the time. I have comments to make about a wide variety of topics that can’t possibly be addressed in a 140 character tweet on Twitter. So why don’t I write? Well for the same reason that many writers avoid the page or the word document or the blog. We convince ourselves that what we have to say isn’t important or that no one will read it or that someone else has already said it and probably has said it better than we can.

But this is all a lie we like to hide behind. The fact of the matter is, is that no one sees the world the way you do. No one experiences life the same way you do, no one has had the same experiences you’ve experienced from your unique perspective. There is no one else that is YOU. And if you can write about it, how do you know that there isn’t someone out there who would benefit or appreciate what you have to say about a topic that interests them or helps them in some way?

I think that if you can write and you can share stories or experiences that helps others connect to life, love, the world or other communities you should be writing. And honestly, it doesn’t REALLY matter if you don’t connect to someone who needs to see or read your words. What matters is that you honor yourself by writing for you.