A Writer’s Mind is a Minefield


Photo credit: relationshipsurplus.com

And we aren’t talking about explosions here. We’re talking about tangents and branches of thought that go off into left field or perhaps it’s the right field…. or maybe it’s not even a field. Maybe it’s a whole new plant altogether… wait, what? What were we talking about again? Oh right, a writer’s mind, er thoughts.

So no trees really. This isn’t a blog about gardens, although it could be if I were at all passionate about gardens. Not that there’s anything wrong with gardens, I mean really what writer doesn’t like a nice place to sit outside in nature where you can just soak up all that fresh air and sunshine? Well not me, although I find that without a book, I find I just get distracted by all the bugs buzzing or crawling about as the case may be – busy with whatever bug business they’re going about or that chickadee that just won’t stop whistling – I mean what IS his problem anyway? Get a date already. Or wait, maybe I’m in his space and I’m messing up his ambiance. That could be. But hold on, do chickadees even think things like that? Hmm, I wonder if there’s a story there? Chickadees that talk to humans except that the humans are too dense to understand what they’re trying to say. Well probably not. I mean who wants to read about self-aware chickadees? Imagine what they may have witnessed in all their feathery wanderings. Oh the horror! Lol.

Okay so I might be taking it a bit far. Well probably not actually but for me that’s a pretty good example of how a writer’s thoughts tend to flow. I left out a lot (and I do mean a LOT) of other tangents that typically flit through my brain but a blog is not long enough for that. Which we should really all be very thankful for.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that at times I find it is a miracle that any writer anywhere manages to ever stay on topic and stay relevant to their subject matter with all this hoopla roiling around inside their brains on a minute by minute basis. I couldn’t possibly write down everything that goes on in my brain that is noteworthy. And seriously I really wouldn’t want to. I have enough trouble sitting down at my wordpress dashboard writing a new post. I don’t think I could ever be dedicated or narcissistic enough to pay attention to every stray thought that has the potential to be a seed for a new blog.

But wouldn’t that be a great place to find new ideas if we did or could write them down? Then again, we’d probably get so distracted by the “seeds” of potential that we may never get to the actual business of writing. But what do I know? I’m just sharing my “thoughts.” 😉

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