Gaming… An Infographic Post

In my last post I mentioned writers in the gaming world. A world that is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Think that’s a bit high? Is it really as big as I say it is? Well keep reading dear visitor and allow me to introduce you to the ever-growing industry that is video games.

Perhaps you don’t play video games. Maybe you don’t think of yourself as a gamer. But I would bet anything that most of you, if not all of you play some kind of game on a smart phone, or a tablet or even on your pc. Yes, even Windows Solitaire counts as gaming, although I can’t imagine anyone still choosing to play Solitaire in today’s highly competitive market that now includes free-to-play games available to everyone.  In the gaming industry, games played on Facebook are also included in the statistics of the gaming market, since in many cases games that get their digital “feet” wet on Facebook, are then marketed to mobile carriers for distribution to your smart phone.

Still unconvinced that the gaming industry is really that big? Or perhaps you are convinced, but have just never had the opportunity to review some rather jaw-dropping statistics on this juggernaut of an industry? Well, let me share some little known and little sought intel on an industry that is beginning to shape the world as we know it.

The average age of today’s gamer is 34. 68% of all gamers are age 18 or older. 45% of gamers are female, an increase of 2% in the past 2 years, with most of them over 18 years of age. Most gamers have been playing games an average of 13 years. Games now outpace box office movie sales of $10 billion per year, with current annual sales of $24 billion, up quite a bit from the $10.4 billion recorded in 2009.  Canada is the third biggest gaming industry in the world behind Japan and the United States.

I was admittedly rather surprised by the numbers here but if you factor in smart phones, tablets, Facebook, PC games and consoles, it doesn’t take much to imagine that even these surprising statistics likely don’t reflect our current gaming market as technology and games continue to evolve in both graphics, execution and portability. When you can take your PC quality games on the road or on your commute, the gaming industry at present can do nothing but continue to grow and expand.

Candy Crush anyone?

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