EDIT ME — Punctuating Dialogue

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Today we’re tackling punctuation–groan–in dialogue! Read on for the fun! No, really. I’m going to make it fun.

Dialogue without a dialogue tag (said, replied, etc)

“No donuts.”

Dialogue with tag.

“No donuts,” she said.

Dialogue with dialogue tag first.

She drawled, “No donuts.”

Dialogue with action.

She smacked her gum. “No donuts.”

Dialogue with action and tag.

“No donuts,” she said, smacking her gum.

Dialogue with action and tag first.

Smacking her gum, she said, “No donuts.”

Other ways to flip out about a donut shortage.

“No donuts?”

“No donuts!”

Flipping out about donut shortage with action and tags.

“No donuts?” he demanded, pointing his rifle at her.

“No donuts!” she yelled, backing against the wall.

Separating with action that indicates she will pee her pants.

“No donuts,” she said, leaning away from the rifle, “but I can make you some.”

Cutting off dialogue.

“No don–”

Trailing off.


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