I believe our current age of “all things digital” today’s society suffers from information overload. So much so that many turn to online blogging or journaling in an attempt to organize the vast majority of information that inundates everyone every day. For writers this information overload often gets us off the beaten track into places we never dreamed we’d go and by using a blog provides a map to our personal values and goals.

For myself, my blog is mostly dedicated to researching obscure subjects, popular media, fiction, entertainment and video games that lend themselves to great stories. For the most part, I like to explore topics that mainstream public never considers since it isn’t popular opinion and/or it’s believed that it’s not something a single author can do much, if anything about.

Having said this, I am now writing stories that are free to read on Wattpad. My username is RavenCall70. My first series is a Mass Effect Fan Fiction that includes a prequel to the popular Mass Effect trilogy. Two books from my 4 part series are now posted on Wattpad and I’m currently in the process of editing book 2: Dragon’s Teeth.

Please note: Unless otherwise credited, all posted photos are by me, the author of The Random Files.

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