Bad Ships and Tumblr Posts


Yes I have a Tumblr post. And no I didn’t know what the majority of those posts entailed until after I began writing Fan Fiction. Now I’m sure what I have to say about Tumblr won’t be popular or even well-received, but I’m not interested in approval.

From what I can tell, Tumblr is all about approval and disapproval. Needless to say I don’t have a lot of followers there, never mind the fact that it’s filled to bursting with bad “ships,” graphic ships and lots and lots of conflicting opinions. It’s as though anyone with a phone creates a Tumblr account and posts whatever little thing pops in their mind that they happen to be passionate about.

N: Short for romantic relationship, popularized in fanfiction circles.

V: To endorse a romantic relationship.

N: I see a ‘ship developing between Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.

V: I ship Ron/Hermione

For the rest of the people using Tumblr, they have turned a simple fandom into an obsession with shipping characters who have no business being shipped together. Let me be clear, I will never ship characters who have no business being together. I don’t know about all of them, but I’ve seen enough to know that the things people ship can get very dark very fast and the people writing this garbage have no idea how damaging it is.

Examples of bad ships include incest and rape and turning heterosexual characters gay and gay characters straight because the author or fan doesn’t like them as they are. They can argue that it’s just because they are in love with the fictional character who doesn’t match their sexual preference all they want, but the very act of changing a fictional character’s sexual orientation is bigotry. Plain and simple.

If it was reality, shipping a gay man like Dorian Pavus with a female protagonist is as bad and abhorrent as communities who believe people who are attracted to same sex relationships need to be re-educated or that they are sick. Stop doing this! You are adding to everything that is wrong with society as a whole. It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction. If you continue to treat rape, incest and re-education as okay because it’s imaginary you are making intolerance normal.

It is disturbing and disheartening to see stories of incest, abuse and “rescue” romances as having the highest viewership on Wattpad. Readers are just as bad when they flock to these kinds of “ships” because they perpetuate the belief that thousands, sometimes millions of people believe this garbage is okay and something that should reach t the top of the readership list.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I read a post today by a gay person who was crapping all over straight women who ship gay people. Really? Why? Unless the author is using the aforementioned “bad” ships I don’t see the problem. Also, speaking only for myself, the only reason I ship ANYONE is because I am in love with love. I love to write romantic love scenes with or without an intimate encounter. Why? Because love is love no matter who it’s being expressed with. But that does not make incest romance, slave romance (of those I’ve seen all of them are very unhealthy), rescue romance (old rich person saves poor/ abused poor person) okay. None of it is okay, nor is it realistic, normal or in any way remotely romantic. It is all pure fantasy and authors who write this garbage are belittling and degrading people who have lived through these horrors.

I have no illusions that the practice of shipping these scenarios will stop any time soon, but I hope that by writing romances that work, that are believable and which are based on mutual respect, love and passion will at some point replace the crap some people seem to view as quality fiction which are representative of society as a whole.


Values, Perspective & Life

The way the world is turning these days makes me really question whether or not humanity will ever advance past their own short-sightedness of their own small perspectives.
Sure there are those who do good things and those who give freely. Those who create movements and petitions to put an end to suffering. Those who champion the needs of the exploited and the helpless. Those who make a difference in the world even when the impact of those differences are small and often go unnoticed and unreported.
Yet still. The overall tone of the world at large is that of me. Me, me, me. The mentality of what’s in it for me? What about my suffering? What about my job? My house? My money? My religion? My beliefs?
The reality of “we’re all connected” and “what happens here has an impact over there” is still not understood or valued by the masses. Which for me is very disheartening. How can we as a people or a species say that every life matters and then allow countries to hunt another species to extinction?  Or kill hundreds and say it’s awful but turn away those seeking safety or respite from murderers?
How can we demand better education for children, better health care, better food options while ignoring droughts where people have no water or the role we played in causing/contributing to drought?
It fascinates and baffles me that as a species we are so focused on our “rights” that we don’t see how our “rights” have a direct impact that contributes to the destruction of ourselves and the world we live in.
When someone dies are they remembered for how much money they  had? (Well maybe if you’re in their will.) But seriously – not really. Mostly people are remembered for the impact they had on the people around them. That they lived their lives to the fullest, treated others with kindness and respect. Loved their family and friends and loved well. Did the best they could with their lives in the time they had and knew the value of love, laughter and charity.
I guess what this post is trying to say is that when your time is up how do you want to be remembered? As someone who valued all life and knew their impact on the world? Or someone who only valued what they could see? Or only those people or things that shared the same viewpoint? How do you want to be remembered? How do you want to impact the world?
Either way, the choice is yours. And as Emmet Brown says, “Your future’s whatever you make it, so make it a good one.”

An Aside


Was just browsing the vast and never ending blog sites that are the mainstream of our new and improved online society. BTW…I say that with a healthy dose of sarcasm since I firmly believe that in many ways our current “online” society is not much of an improvement.
Everyone just loves to list all the great
benefits of a connected society that
makes the world a better place and supposedly makes our world less isolated. Yet honestly I firmly believe that the exact opposite is true. Gone are block parties and dinner with the neighbors. Gone are kids getting physically active at the local public park. Gone are informal social events that allow you to get out of the house to socialize with real live people in real time.
Now before you climb on your soapbox and list all the great things digital society has enabled, ask yourself this one thing. How has the internet enhanced and improved your social life? Do you have more friends? Do you participate in more social gatherings as a result of being more connected? Do you feel less isolated? Happier? More fulfilled? Succesful?
From what I’ve seen in my own life and that of my family, as far as I can tell our connected society has not improved our social lives and relationships and by extension our society as a whole. I believe that while on the surface we’re more connected to others we are also more isolated than ever before.
Which is why I think there are so many bloggers out there. It’s the new “connected ” way for writers and others to feel less isolated than they truly are. But in my opinion, it’s a poor substitute for forging true and long-lasting real life relationships.

And that, as they say is that.

Gaming… An Infographic Post

In my last post I mentioned writers in the gaming world. A world that is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Think that’s a bit high? Is it really as big as I say it is? Well keep reading dear visitor and allow me to introduce you to the ever-growing industry that is video games.

Perhaps you don’t play video games. Maybe you don’t think of yourself as a gamer. But I would bet anything that most of you, if not all of you play some kind of game on a smart phone, or a tablet or even on your pc. Yes, even Windows Solitaire counts as gaming, although I can’t imagine anyone still choosing to play Solitaire in today’s highly competitive market that now includes free-to-play games available to everyone.  In the gaming industry, games played on Facebook are also included in the statistics of the gaming market, since in many cases games that get their digital “feet” wet on Facebook, are then marketed to mobile carriers for distribution to your smart phone.

Still unconvinced that the gaming industry is really that big? Or perhaps you are convinced, but have just never had the opportunity to review some rather jaw-dropping statistics on this juggernaut of an industry? Well, let me share some little known and little sought intel on an industry that is beginning to shape the world as we know it.

The average age of today’s gamer is 34. 68% of all gamers are age 18 or older. 45% of gamers are female, an increase of 2% in the past 2 years, with most of them over 18 years of age. Most gamers have been playing games an average of 13 years. Games now outpace box office movie sales of $10 billion per year, with current annual sales of $24 billion, up quite a bit from the $10.4 billion recorded in 2009.  Canada is the third biggest gaming industry in the world behind Japan and the United States.

I was admittedly rather surprised by the numbers here but if you factor in smart phones, tablets, Facebook, PC games and consoles, it doesn’t take much to imagine that even these surprising statistics likely don’t reflect our current gaming market as technology and games continue to evolve in both graphics, execution and portability. When you can take your PC quality games on the road or on your commute, the gaming industry at present can do nothing but continue to grow and expand.

Candy Crush anyone?

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Writer’s Write….Sometimes

I must be bored. It’s the only thing that comes to mind to explain why I’m feeling so compelled to keep writing. I mentioned earlier that I struggle with being succinct, but I don’t believe that is the real trouble. I think the real trouble stems from the fact that as a writer, writer’s write and I haven’t written anything much more than the occasional tweet in many, many years.

Sure I’ve written blog posts and content here and there. Posted the occasional rant or comment on Facebook or made my interests or thoughts known in conversation or shared images of interest on Pinterest. But all that is just avoidance of who I am at the heart of everything that is me. I am a writer. I should be writing on a regular basis. Even if that means short blog posts or excerpts of fiction or commenting on current events that interest me.

I am opinionated. I have ideas all the time. I have comments to make about a wide variety of topics that can’t possibly be addressed in a 140 character tweet on Twitter. So why don’t I write? Well for the same reason that many writers avoid the page or the word document or the blog. We convince ourselves that what we have to say isn’t important or that no one will read it or that someone else has already said it and probably has said it better than we can.

But this is all a lie we like to hide behind. The fact of the matter is, is that no one sees the world the way you do. No one experiences life the same way you do, no one has had the same experiences you’ve experienced from your unique perspective. There is no one else that is YOU. And if you can write about it, how do you know that there isn’t someone out there who would benefit or appreciate what you have to say about a topic that interests them or helps them in some way?

I think that if you can write and you can share stories or experiences that helps others connect to life, love, the world or other communities you should be writing. And honestly, it doesn’t REALLY matter if you don’t connect to someone who needs to see or read your words. What matters is that you honor yourself by writing for you.

Indecision and Confusion

I really want to know where indecision, confusion and the inability to make a choice comes from. These aren’t choices that are huge or life-changing or even have any effect on the big scheme of things.

I have been having serious difficulties with making decisions on every day, little things, such as what to name a new Blog site, not the blog itself – that seems relatively simplistic to me – but the name of an alternate Blog is filling me with the kinds of symptoms only a writer faces when staring at a blank page.

I have no trouble writing things down, as can be seen by this newest blog – but things like whether or not to buy that sweater that’s on sale that I suspect I may never wear again or buy new winter boots vs. getting my old boots repaired, or moving forward with starting ‘some’ kind of writing career and taking the next step. These are the things that leave me paralyzed with indecision and make me run away from the laptop, press the ‘shut down’ button and read a book. Or send me sighing with frustration to Facebook where I spend a good hour or more playing silly games like Bubble Witch or Gardens of Time.

Why do I get so hung up on these kinds of decisions? It isn’t as though it will alter my world by any dramatic means, nor will it seriously impact anyone’s life in any way, shape or form. I truly don’t understand where this lack of decision-making ability is coming from. It isn’t as though I’ve never had to make hard decisions before.

If I were a gambler I suppose I could put down a hefty bet that some of my decision-making reluctance stems from having to make those big decisions in the past which had to be done, but were not in any way enjoyable. I’ve had to file for divorce, call the police on numerous occasions…and trust me, that is not an easy decision to make, file for bankruptcy, quit jobs, call on many different social programs for assistance in some form or another and even give an interview in a closed room at the local police station – yeah, I’m not what I seem on the outside. 😉

But even with all of that aside, it still doesn’t leave me with any kind of understanding or solution as to how to solve the indecision dilemna.

I believe that I’ve just reached the end of my current thought bubble and sad to say, I don’t believe I am any closer to a Blog title than I was before, but I might be a bit closer to an understanding of how I got here – which in a roundabout way may lead me to the path of clarity.

A New Blog Site

gaz4I’m having some difficulties at the moment. I would really like to create a new blog using a different hosting site, but picking the format and theme is so very time consuming that I don’t know where to start.

I considered importing what I’ve written here to begin my ‘other’ blog site with content, but being me I also feel that a new name for my blog would be in order. I don’t know where to start with either a new name for a new blog nor what kind of title would adequately describe what I want to write about.
I have so many interesting things I really want to share with others yet have no idea where to start. My interests are so varied and numerous that sometimes I wonder how I manage to remember every day what my current passion has become.

Then there are all my numerous ‘life experiences’ and that’s saying a lot considering that I’ve had more than my share of experiences involving major transitions and events over a very short period of time for someone who hasn’t yet seen the big 5-0.

So where do you start? In writing guides I’ve perused over the years they always say something like ‘start wherever you are.’ But in my particular case, where I am isn’t as interesting as where I’ve been and I find that I prefer writing about what I’ve already lived through, since that shows that since I’m still here, anything can be survivable.