The Legacy of Dorian Pavus

“Dragon Age Inquisition: The Legacy of Dorian Pavus” by RavenCall70 on Wattpad


The Tale of the Hawke 


“The Tale of the Hawke: Dragon Age 2” by RavenCall70 on Wattpad


I have been MIA for a couple weeks now, drawn away from my writing practice due to a strong passion for a great game story, namely the Mass Effect trilogy. As a reader and writer I am always fascinated when an author can breathe life into a fictional character and am drawn to discovering the secrets of such an accomplishment.



In the case of Mass Effect, the original authors did this not once or twice, but multiple times with multiple characters over the course of 3 independent games, over the course of a 5-year period beginning in 2007 through 2012.
Not only did they bring these characters to life, but each one has very distinct personalities,complete with rich and varied backgrounds and histories, strong belief systems and opinions and definitive character-defining moments.
This is not something that is easily achieved by an author. Even should an author succeed in bringing to life a fictional character to the point at which readers are emotionally affected by what happens to that character, doesn’t always mean the author will be able to do so in the same story with more than a handful of characters.
In the case of Mass Effect, what has been accomplished with this series, character-wise, is amazing, astounding and extremely note-worthy. As only one of thousands of fans of this story, I too have been emotionally drawn to care about each character to the point that I want to “know more” about each and every one of them – regardless of how big a role they play in the overall plot.
As soon as I have exhausted my immersion into the Mass Effect universe, I plan to explore endings in story, and how for whatever unknown and as yet, never disclosed reason, the writers of Mass Effect chose to end an epic series in such a negative, illogical way. An ending that ultimately lead to some rather loud and undisguised anger and backlash over the authors’ treatment of the much loved characters of Mass Effect and how that treatment lead fans of the series to feel largely betrayed, abandoned and ignored.
Until then, “I should go…” 😀